Last Minute Movers Boston

Last Minute Movers Boston

Last minute movers in Boston MA 1-877-470-1247 Monster Movers . Whether you are a student needing overnight storage, a resident whose movers didn't show. We can help; our movers have last minute moving services in Boston, Quincy, Worcester and Andover MA.

Same Day Moving

Monster Movers™ Boston are your go to mover for last minute moving needs.  In the summer there are thousands of rogue movers in Boston that book any and every move hoping they will make it to all of them.  Every summer we get bombarded by calls for last minute moving services in the greater Boston area.  We have 4 locations in the metro-Boston area that can handle your last minute moving needs with ease. 


A lot of times movers in Boston will take advantage of people needing last minute moving services.  Our rates do not change for last minute moves and we honor all coupons regardless of when your move is booked.  Learn more about Boston Movers Rates.


The day is almost here - student moving day 2022  - actually this year it is student moving weekend August 30 and September 1 2022 this day Boston is dedicated to various moving events taking place throughout the city.  BC, BU, Harvard, Northeastern, MIT all have student move-ins on this weekend making Boston a complete cluster of unwanted furniture, trash, moving vans, people yelling, parties, beer, sweat, good-byes, new hello's - all in all it is an emotional roller coaster of a day.  If you want to have fun on Boston moving weekend and Boston moving day - hire Boston movers - sit back - have a beer and meet your new neighbors.  If you forgot to hire movers for Boston moving day - call Monster Movers,   Bostons best moving company - we will have 10 trucks in the city this weekend handling all student moves weather you called months in advance or need help that day - we will be there!

Other moving companies in Boston that can handle last minute moves:

You can also do a map search on MOVERS NEAR ME to find the closest moving company to your location in any town or city in the US. The closest moving company to you may be able to do a last minute move as well


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