Boston Student Movers - Allston, Brighton, Boston, Cambridge


Monster Movers™Boston is offering summer storage discounts and other moving discounts for all students in the Boston-metro area.  You can call 877-470-1247 or come in to see us at:

Monster Movers™
145 North Beacon 
Boston MA 02135

Monster Movers™specializes in local city moves, as well as door-to-door direct moves to other major Universities in FL, NC, DC, NYC, VA, GA, CT, PA, CO and CA.

Boston Student Moving Do's:

1.  Call ahead of time - try not to treat your mover like studying for your finals.  In other words,don't wait until the last minute -- I know you've heard it before but waiting until the last minute means all movers may be booked or you will be charged a premium $$$$

2. I usually suggest calling 3-5 movers and choosing the one that gives you the most information. Movers that are high pressure are surely ones to stay away from.  

3. Remember to tell the reps you are a student - many movers offer student discounts.  Monster Movers™Boston offers free travel time and discounted storage to students in Boston.

4. Try to move at the same time as your roommate - the movers may give you a discount for moving together!

Boston Student Moving Dont's:

1.  Don't try to do it yourself.  It is a nightmare to park a moving truck in Boston.  Movers in Boston have permits and know all of the "spots."  If you need to double park or park in undesignated areas that will mean a whopping $250 parking ticket for you.  FYI, they double it if you are taking up more spaces.  

2. Don't forget to tell your mover what floor you are on.  Monster Movers™ doesn't charge additional fees for stairs but some movers do.  Also, this may change the amount of time the movers anticipated for the move.

Good Luck Moving! 


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